Ryan Almario graduated summa cum laude (with highest honor) at the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production & Engineering. Ryan moved to Atlanta, GA right after and almost immediately worked at Doppler Studios – a world-class recording studio with award-winning clients such as Usher, TLC, and OutKast. Starting out as an intern, Mr. Almario was promoted to an assistant sound engineer within a few months and to a full engineer shortly thereafter. Ryan Almario also worked at Turner Studios, the recording / sound engineering facility for Turner Broadcasting Studios, Inc. Ryan currently works at FlipFunk Studios, his personal production studio in Atlanta, GA.


As a recording sound engineer, Ryan Almario is very proficient using an SSL board in conjunction with either AVID Pro Tools or Apple Logic Studio Pro. Some representative clients in various genres include jazz (Monkey Butlers, Bora), rock (Last Five Standing), R&B (Rene Jones), latin (Northern Lights, Sonia Osio), and classical (JupiterTunes). Ryan has a decent microphone cabinet and a collection of analogue and digital gear which include Focusrite, Yamaha, Universal Audio, Shure, Studio Projects, Avantone, Summit Audio, Audio Technica, Electro-Voice, Antares, Spectrasonics, PSP Audioware, FXpansion, and Native Instruments.


Though Ryan has mixed most of the projects that he has recorded, Ryan Almario is also available as a mixing engineer for your projects. Representative works of Mr. Almario as a mix engineer include Soul to Keep and Stay (Rene Jones), This Way (Kether Darshan), and Everything Fits (Dean Levitt Jingles). Ryan uses a combination of analogue and digital equipment when mixing studio projects.  His equipment includes gear from Summit Audio, Universal Audio, Waves, and Dynaudio.


Ryan Almario began working as a Sound Designer / Post Production Engineer while working at both Doppler Studios and Turner Studios. Projects that Ryan has been involved in include national shows such as “The Closer (TNT)”, “Diary Of A Mad Black Woman (Tyler Perry)”, “Tickle U (Cartoon Network)”, and local productions including the “Georgia Lottery” advertisements.  Ryan also composed most of the music for the documentary “Not Home”, a documentary about kids living in nursing facilities.  DVDs of “Not Home” are available at Not Home Documentary.