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Engineer | Producer | Keyboardist

Ryan Almario is a highly skilled and dedicated full-time musician based in Atlanta, GA, USA. With expertise as a session keyboardist and freelance sound engineer/producer, Ryan’s versatile talent has made a significant impact in the industry.

As an accomplished piano player and keyboardist, Ryan possesses a deep understanding of various genres, including pop, rock, salsa, country, and jazz. He has had the privilege of performing with esteemed groups such as Last Five Standing (rock), Capitol City Xpress (big band swing), Atlanta Acoustic Jazz, as well as acclaimed acts like US Beat (party band) and Ashley Harris (country). Furthermore, Ryan has had the opportunity to share the stage with world-renowned artists such as the B-52s, Huey Lewis & The News, and Kelly Clarkson.

In the realm of engineering, Ryan has honed his craft in both music and post-production environments. Alongside his work at his personal studio, FlipFunk Studios, he has also contributed to renowned establishments like Doppler Studios and Turner Studios. Noteworthy clients include Brian Michael Cox, T-Boz (TLC), Mase, Young Jeezy, Cartoon Network, Getty, Jupiter Images, NBA, and CNN.

Demonstrating his prowess as a producer, Ryan has collaborated with numerous singer-songwriters in the Metro Atlanta area. His involvement in various album projects has left an indelible mark, evident in works such as “Shape This Love” by Kristen Hope Justice (winner of the 2013 Intel Superstars Competition, Pop category), “Move Ahead” by Asha Lightbearer (honorable mention at the 8th Annual Posi-Music Awards), “Christmas Jazz” by Ryan Almario (jazz), “All Along This Path” by Debbie Schrodt (spiritual), “Soy Manantial” by Sonia Osio (Latin), “Insanity” by Natalie Fernandez (pop), and “Place Your Bet” by Wil Hodge (rock).

Although Ryan Almario embarked on his songwriting journey relatively recently, his efforts have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. His ability to captivate audiences with heartfelt tracks like “Be Back Home” and “Between Hello And Goodbye,” as well as entertain them with lively and humorous tunes such as “Go Out That Door” and “Not In The Mood,” has made him a prominent figure in local open mic events. Notable crowd favorites include his poignant anti-bullying anthem “Just Hold On” and the comedic gem “It Was Me (The Hootie Song).”

A significant milestone in Ryan’s career occurred on August 15, 2014, with the release of his debut album, “See What I Hear,” a collaboration with Wil Hodge. This inspiring collection features Ryan’s original compositions, which he passionately performed at Unity North Atlanta Church, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Ryan Almario’s profound musicianship, technical expertise, and artistic contributions have established him as a highly sought-after professional within the music industry.


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About Ryan

"And You Thought That It Was Me"
Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer

Since his early days growing up in Quezon City, Philippines, Ryan Almario has possessed an unwavering passion for the music industry. His musical journey began at the tender age of six when he embarked on classical piano lessons. Fueling his insatiable love for music, he expanded his repertoire by mastering additional instruments like the guitar, drums, violin, and saxophone. As he neared the end of his high school education, Ryan commenced his professional career as a pianist for “Blue Repertory,” a musical theater troupe in the Philippines.

Ryan’s pursuit of excellence led him to the University Of The Philippines Conservatory of Music, where he majored in Piano Performance. During this time, his musical preferences evolved towards the realm of jazz, prompting him to seek private instruction outside of school. It wasn’t long before Ryan became the piano player and keyboardist for the U.P. Big Band Jazz Ensemble whilst embarking on a national tour with the Morris Jazz Quartet.

Seeking further growth and development, Ryan made the life-changing decision to relocate to the United States, where he enrolled at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. There, he had the privilege of studying under influential musicians and engineers, including Marc Rossi, Bernardo Hernandez, Carl Beatty, Jeff Largent, and Mitch Benoff. Displaying exceptional talent and dedication, Ryan graduated Summa Cum Laude with a major in Music Production and Engineering, receiving the esteemed Berklee Achievement Scholarship.

Upon settling in Atlanta, GA, Ryan wasted no time in securing an internship at the renowned Doppler Studios. His remarkable skills propelled him through the ranks, eventually earning him a position as a staff engineer. In this capacity, he worked alongside notable artists such as Mase, T-Boz (TLC), Mannie Fresh, Eddie Horst, Disturbing The Peace, Monkey Butlers, and Brian Michael Cox. Ryan’s expertise also extended to sound design, as he contributed to projects for Doppler Studios and Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc., collaborating with esteemed clients including Cartoon Network, CNN, NBA, and the Georgia Lottery.

Within his personal recording and mixing studio, FlipFunk Studios, Ryan Almario has produced a diverse array of artists spanning multiple genres. From Pop, Rock, and Latin to Spiritual, Singer/Songwriter, and Meditative music, he has curated impressive works. Additionally, Ryan has crafted numerous individual tracks that have become part of the extensive online stock and library music collection by Jupiter Tunes.

In addition to his demanding engineering and producing commitments, Ryan has emerged as a highly sought-after piano player and keyboardist in the Metro Atlanta area. He has had the privilege of performing with award-winning acts such as Ashley Harris and sharing the stage with globally renowned groups like the B-52s, Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Heart, Leela James, and Dianna DeGarmo. Currently, Ryan assumes the role of piano player for various esteemed groups and venues, including Last Five Standing, US Beat, Unity North Atlanta Church, and Capitol City Xpress.

Ryan Almario considers himself immensely fortunate to work in an industry he adores. He extends heartfelt gratitude to his family and friends for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout his journey.


Ryan Almario, a distinguished graduate with highest honors from Berklee College of Music, holds a degree in Music Production & Engineering. Following his academic achievements, Ryan swiftly transitioned to the vibrant music scene of Atlanta, GA, where he commenced his career at Doppler Studios, renowned for its exceptional clientele including Usher, TLC, and OutKast. Initially joining as an intern, Ryan’s exceptional skills and dedication led to rapid promotions, first as an assistant sound engineer and subsequently as a full-fledged engineer within a few months. In addition, he contributed his talents to Turner Studios, the esteemed recording and sound engineering facility for Turner Broadcasting Studios, Inc. Presently, Ryan operates his own production studio, FlipFunk Studios, situated in Atlanta, GA.

Recording Engineer

With expertise as a recording sound engineer, Ryan Almario demonstrates exceptional proficiency utilizing an SSL board in conjunction with industry-standard tools such as AVID Pro Tools and Apple Logic Studio Pro. His diverse portfolio encompasses an array of genres, including jazz (Monkey Butlers, Bora), rock (Last Five Standing, Wil Hodge), R&B (Rene Jones), Latin (Northern Lights, Sonia Osio), and classical (JupiterTunes). Equipped with a well-equipped microphone cabinet and an extensive collection of analog and digital gear, including brands such as Focusrite, Yamaha, Universal Audio, Shure, Studio Projects, Avantone, Summit Audio, Audio Technica, Electro-Voice, Antares, Spectrasonics, PSP Audioware, FXpansion, and Native Instruments.

Mix Engineer

While Ryan has consistently handled the mixing responsibilities for the majority of his recorded projects, he also offers his expertise as a dedicated mixing engineer for your endeavors. Notable works in Ryan Almario’s repertoire as a mix engineer include Soul to Keep and Stay (Rene Jones), This Way (Kether Darshan), and Everything Fits (Dean Levitt Jingles). Drawing upon a combination of analog and digital equipment during the mixing process, Ryan utilizes esteemed gear from Summit Audio, Universal Audio, Waves, and Dynaudio.

Sound Designer

Ryan Almario’s talents extend beyond recording and mixing, as he has demonstrated prowess as a Sound Designer and Post Production Engineer during his tenure at Doppler Studios and Turner Studios. His involvement in notable projects encompasses national shows like “The Closer (TNT),” “Diary Of A Mad Black Woman (Tyler Perry),” and “Tickle U (Cartoon Network),” as well as local productions, including captivating advertisements for the “Georgia Lottery.” Notably, Ryan composed a significant portion of the music featured in the documentary “Not Home,” shedding light on the lives of children residing in nursing facilities. DVDs of the impactful documentary can be obtained through Not Home Documentary.

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Folgers Jingle Competition
Writer (top 10 nationwide)

"Still A Soldier"

Ever since moving to Atlanta, GA, Ryan Almario has worked as a music producer for local talent. He has produced artists in different genres such as Rock, Pop, Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, Latin, and Inspirational.

When it comes to music producing, Ryan Almario is very involved in all phases of the project starting from the preproduction up to the mastering stage.  During the preproduction stage, Ryan finds the best arrangement for the song which would include the tempo, form, and key.  As a multi-instrumentalist, Ryan usually records all the instruments including drums, bass, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic and/or electric pianos, and organs. He is also very capable of arranging orchestral works and jazzy, funky, hard-hitting horns similar to Earth, Wind, & Fire, Chicago, and Tower Of Power.  When other musicians are needed, Ryan has a massive pool of seasoned musicians that include rock guitarists, country fiddlers, and jazz saxophonists. Ryan uses his years of experience in order to get the best performance out of a musician or a singer.

Ryan Almario wrote a few articles about preproduction for Jingles For Commercials, a company that wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered not only radio and television jingles for companies but various custom music. The following are excerpts from those articles.

Get Ready To... Get Ready!

As a freelance music producer, I often encounter a common oversight among my clients: the undervalued significance of pre-production. It is a perplexing phenomenon that artists undermine this vital stage in the creative process. Pre-production involves a meticulous array of considerations aimed at perfecting a song before the recording button is pressed. From vocal strain and song structure to groove and tempo, here are key aspects to ponder:

Unlocking Vocal Brilliance – Regrettably, countless clients struggle to hit the low and high notes of their own compositions. If the strain is evident, why not explore a key change? The key “sweet spot” is where vocalists radiate their best performance, whether it be belting out a rock anthem or exuding husky mellowness in heart-wrenching ballads. A simple technique involves singing the song without any accompaniment. Surprisingly, artists often find themselves gravitating toward a range where they feel comfortable, revealing a sweet spot they hadn’t anticipated during the songwriting process. Embracing this newfound key can elevate the song. Remember that the key if C isn’t a superior key due to the lack of black keys.

Crafting a Compelling Narrative – Unless your goal is to create the next “Dark Side of the Moon,” excessively long intros fail to captivate. The average introduction in hit songs spans a modest 8 to 13 seconds. Audiences crave swift engagement. Reflect on your song’s structure: Are the verses too brief? Do the choruses monopolize the spotlight? Is there any continuity to what I’m singing?Deconstruct popular recordings by artists that resonate with your target audience. Analyze their successful compositions, identifying what resonates with you and pinpointing aspects that didn’t quite hit the mark. Utilize this experience as a compass, either steering clear of potential pitfalls or maintaining a steady course.

The Perfect Groove – Are you struggling to articulate your lyrics flawlessly? Does the song sound like it’s just dragging along? In achieving the ideal groove, sometimes a mere adjustment of 1 to 3 beats per minute (BPM) can breathe new life into a song. Allow the song to dictate the tempo, liberating it from the confines of your technical abilities. Slow renditions often stem from songwriters grappling with bar chords on the guitar. To overcome this obstacle, detach yourself from instrumental accompaniment and sing your melody alone. Observe what moves you and ignites your passion. Lastly, dare to experiment with drastic tempo shifts. Explore the possibility of transforming a heartfelt ballad into an upbeat anthem and vice versa.

Testing Your Craft – The true litmus test for a song’s resonance lies in performing it before a live audience. However, I must emphasize that I’m not referring to friends and family members whose support often comes wrapped in bias. If honesty were their forte, shows like “American Idol” wouldn’t exist. Take a page from the comedians’ playbook and check the local newspaper for open mic nights at cozy coffee houses or vibrant bars. Even renowned comedians grace these events incognito, testing their new material before a live crowd and taking notes of their reactions.


Ryan Almario’s journey as a pianist and musician began at a tender age of six when he embarked on classical piano lessons. As he entered his teenage years, Ryan delved into the realms of pop and rock, lending his talents to various high school bands. In 1993, he achieved a significant milestone by landing his first professional job as the piano player for the esteemed Blue Repertory Philippines and their production of “The Fantasticks.”

While pursuing his classical training at the renowned University Of The Philippines Conservatory Of Music, Ryan’s passion for music expanded to encompass the rich world of jazz. Embracing this new avenue, he immersed himself in jazz theory and honed his skills, further augmenting his musical repertoire. His thirst for knowledge led him to Berklee College Of Music, where he continued his jazz studies under the esteemed guidance of Marc Rossi.

Driven by an insatiable desire to explore diverse musical genres, Ryan Almario directed his focus towards the captivating rhythms of Latin music. This pursuit led him to become the accomplished pianist for the revered Berklee Salsa Ensemble, led by the amazing Bernardo Hernandez.

Today, Ryan Almario’s captivating performances resonate through various musical collectives in the vibrant Metro Atlanta area. He’s assumed the role of keyboardist for party bands including Last Five Standing, US Beat, and Big Bling And The Funk Machine, and as a pianist for the enchanting big band swing ensemble Capitol City Xpress. Further enriching his musical endeavors, Ryan served as pianist and band leader at Unity North Atlanta Church, touching the hearts of congregants for more than a decade.

Beyond his compelling performances, Ryan Almario’s versatility extends to the realm of studio work.  For local session work or the creation of custom keyboard tracks, Ryan Almario stands as a distinguished Atlanta keyboardist, ready to elevate your musical projects. With his profound expertise and mastery of sound, he breathes life into every note, creating an enchanting sonic tapestry that captivates and inspires. Notable equipment that accompanies him on this sonic journey includes the Roland Fantom, Yamaha MOX Series, Spectrasonics, East West/Quantum Leap Pianos, and the Native Instruments Komplete Series.

"Rumour Has It"
Pianist, Engineer

Forever Man
Eric Clapton Tribute Band